Today, very few companies in our business, services and support to meet the needs on the need-to-day how much time and resources have a clear vision.

Another issue that many people agree on, winning a structure is constantly changing and increasingly competitive business world, companies that have the luxury of spending time and resources. Although, few companies recognize that service and support functions are important, although the main goal of a well-functioning service solution, the staff is to ensure the comfort and customer loyalty.

MARMARA BİLİŞİM to the needs of each company provided with special arrangements "Old Employer Quarterly Service", in the daily operation of the company to produce various support solutions hears.

High turnover rate of staff with choice regarding the ads of your charges disappearance, operational workload of your reduction of the year during peak periods term workforce by hiring offer your customers the service is making a difference important to you is on the benefits.

MARMARA BİLİŞİM of technology has provided us with periodic labor force over time possible to make permanent staff. Thus, before getting a permanent element, regarding the performance will have the privilege of having a concrete idea.

MARMARA BİLİŞİM companies with periodic Old Employer Services not only to save time, economically to the use of resources in a way that allows effective.