Our company in 20 APRIL 2016, Istanbul's Maltepe district in the sector have begun, and Turkey in various parts of the city cleaning, garbage collection and transportation, street and cleaning of the containers washed and disinfected, staff support services are provided.

Since its inception, our company great way to our time, as well as the car park of economic growth and structural elements with the investments realized in the growth of the sector has taken place among large firms.

Who knows how to combine experience with the technology of the age "MARMARA KATI ATIK" young and dynamic team of cleaning and hygiene services our customers the best and fastest way to conclude eight years is a specialized enterprise that has idealized self. About this service-resistant trust before and in line with the quality of service our customers' confidence in us for 8 years with the support we have received from you in this direction and serve with confidence.

Its inception until today "UNLIMITED CUSTOMER EVEN" without compromising our principles, together with you, hope to work for many years, close Thank you in advance for your cooperation.

Our members do not work according to the company, hiring the right staff acting in accordance with the principle element is equal to the result productivity has always capture.


Occupational health and safety is our first priority.

Give importance to customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Participants experienced and our employees is our most important asset.

Our relationships of trust, integrity and business ethics are at the forefront.

Achieve excellence and continuous improvement and change for the competition are based.

Protect the environment in all our activities and we are careful not to waste.


What we know who we are and our goals. But that got us, is the work we do.

We are constantly renewing and developing ourselves. Because our business is not only a cleaning task, we serve to raise the quality of life of millions of people know that.

Our business philosophy, corporate identity management system and our professional cleaning industry with our world, our country is one of the global players are trying to make.


Rapidly evolving according to changing customer expectations in the cleaning industry by continuously raising the quality of our service to ensure customer satisfaction.


Open to change and development; reliable and continuous self-improvement; researchers and innovative, flexible, fast and agile structure and defines the criteria that can change the balance; emphasis on customer expectations and satisfaction; after the sales of products and services sold by the end of claiming full support; the continuous and healthy growth, research and continuously improve competitiveness by lowering the cost of the project; customers, suppliers, capital owners, financiers, and other business partners, employees and, most importantly, with a high added value by creating a team spirit attaches importance to its fair share; Acting as the world market; always sought to offer products and services at international standards has adopted the principle itself; well-trained, well-equipped, skilled, and highly motivated participants with employees; a distinctive "BRAND" being.


Using resources in the most efficient way to foresee and focused on meeting the needs of society; With superior service and product quality has a strong brand image; community, employees and fulfilling the responsibility to nature; respected; pioneer in many aspects; respected; to the welfare of humanity and universal sizes that can contribute to the development of corporate, eternal life to become an affiliate.