Faced with a new threat to our rapidly evolving world.

Rapidly evolving our world a new threat faced with: environmental pollution, street pollution, marine pollution, sound pollution, I now consider the numbers increasing every day large plazas, offices and indoor work places people in density caused by the pollution in question.

Your place to deal with the problems of cleaning instead of your valuable time, your main job is to take.Leave your details and we supplies, this is your place we go.Cleaning apply the most rigorous, effective recognize the material and to use our business.

MARMARA BİLİŞİM and experience in the cleaning sector in Turkey corporate solutions.Area of activity in the cleaning sector quality and improvement of customer satisfaction, with the aim of raising the standards of the world's technological, economic and customer-oriented developments closely.Our expert staff are trained in modern management approach, working with a young and dynamic management team, the latest technology and equipment machinery sector of the leading cleaning with a trusted organization.Well educated, cleaning our team is complete and partial any kind of cleaning you need for your service.


Cleanliness is our duty as a Business; public health is not threatened comes to the phase of the environment, cleaning of household waste regularly collected and urban solid waste sanitary landfill in the series and in a healthy way to be transported, the neighborhood market place cleaning and washing, and plans within the roads and streets swept away the curbs edges weather conditions in accordance with the profit , be free from mud and weeds, published in the Official Gazette No. 28035 dated 24.08.2011 Packaging Waste Control Regulation in accordance with the collection of recyclable waste, unused collection of household waste contains our work on issues